“The Golf Club” manages public and private golf courses throughout California. When you are trying to promote your business “The Golf Club” offers you multiple ways to reach a highly targeted and influential audience in a very cost effective and efficient manner. From large corporations and hotel chains to local restaurants and professional services, advertising with The Golf Club is straight forward process that will enable you to grow your business.

Bench Advertising, Tee Signage available

Royal Vista Golf Club offers many different places throughout our golf course for your company to advertise. When you purchase space for advertising at The Royal Vista Golf Club you have full access to are large daily customer base. You not only know how many people will see your ad but exactly who your audience is.

Bench Advertising

Bench advertising is one of the oldest and most successful forms of advertising on golf courses. Each of our tee boxes have a bench with a full color ad on the back of it. These benches are positioned so that the ad is in view of every golfer that hits a golf ball of that tee box.

Tee Sign Advertising

Tee sign advertising is our newest form of ads at Royal Vista Golf Club. These full color ads are placed right next to each of our tee box signs. Each tee box sign displays information about the hole that the golfer needs to know before they hit their shot.

Golf Course Emails

Connect with our highly engaged, opt-in subscribers who regularly receive emails from The Golf Club and their favorite courses throughout California. Our affluent and active membership encompasses a continually growing database of over 100,000+ members who receive content on rate specials, membership information, special promotions and member-only invitations.

Scorecard Advertising

Get your message in front of active consumers as they play. Unlike more passive forms of advertising that may not reach your target audience, scorecard advertising puts your message in front of a defined and highly sought after audience throughout their round of golf.

Scorecard advertising provides a cheap and effective way to promote your message to a golfing audience on a local, regional or national level.

Online Promotions

Our Online properties is great way to reach affluent golfers . Have you ads placed in strategic locations throughout and reach 100,000 members who come to our family of website.

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